• Who we are

    K1-Car Rental: If you are looking for a discount and a quick rental service, you will find this K1 car rental. Discounted rental cars, vans, minibuses and accessories. K1-Autorent An Estonian company specializing in offering short and long-term rental of vehicles for both Estonian and private individuals, companies and tourists.
    K1-Car Hire Customer Support Services Helps You With Every Question, We Have A Helpful Team And The Best Vehicles. We offer travel accessories in comfort and safety with family or friends. K1 car rental offers a bargain price, find a suitable car and book a suitable rental car directly online! K1 car rental fleet for new and used vehicles, ensuring the widest possible availability. Enjoy your K1-Car hire rental car hire! Need a rental car, a van or a minibus, book online and order a car in front of the courtyard. For special requests or questions, feel free to contact us. The K1 car rental comes with the necessary rental car, whether it's a car, a minibus or a van. Our rental car is convenient and inexpensive, from online booking to rental car.
    You ride and just enjoy your ride car ride!
    Your K1 Car Rental!
  • Why Choose us

    Our clients are Estonian natural and legal persons, as well as tourists who are on vacation or work in Estonia!
  • Cars for any style and budget

    The prices for K1-Car rental services and vehicles are seasonal and are divided according to the period. The period is measured in hours, days and months, the longer the period, the cheaper the cost of one rental day (24h). Lease longer than 30 days, ask for special K1-car rental. Rentals for K1-Car rental vehicles and the cost of services are also available through online booking. The rental price is always displayed according to the season and rental period. The costs together with a possible bonus are always immediately visible. All prices include VAT and no additional or hidden costs! Booking a rental car is free. The exact cost of K1-car rental vehicles is always visible through the search.
  • Our mission

    Our goal is to offer a price / quality ratio and a friendly and flexible service for both your business and private customers.
    We make all our customers comfortable and habitual.
    We work constantly for the best results.